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Medicare Eligible Retirees

Plans and programs for Medicare eligible retirees

If you're eligible for Medicare, start here to browse your plan choices. The first: The Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. The second: The Standard TRS-Care plan. You can also explore the wellness benefits, tools and discounts included with each plan. To see how the plans compare to each other, click here. To learn more, click on each plan type.

Your plan options:

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan

This plan covers everything that Original Medicare covers along with many extras. With this plan, you will have a single health plan designed to give you richer benefits at a lower cost than your current combination of Medicare and your TRS-Care 2 or 3 Plan.

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Standard TRS-Care Plan

There are three standard Medicare TRS plans: TRS - Care 1, TRS - Care 2 and TRS - Care 3. All provide the same coverage. These plans pay secondary to Original Medicare. The only difference between these plans is the deductible.

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